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I am Your's and You are Mine!

Their eyes didn't meet
Ignorance is the best thing they could show is they thought
But their hearts were aching to hold on to each other!

It all began when He had a friendly chat with a girl besides Him,
A spark of jealousy lit within Her heart.

She tried to avoid and not glance at them,
But she could not let it go but stare at them.

She finally gained the courage to tell Him how She felt,
He said there is nothing wrong and don't you worry.

She didn't feel the warmth in his words,
But still She was being a strong girl
and smiled as much as she could.

But there came all possible situations,
where She felt so annoyed
while watching them together!

A trail of misunderstandings began
When He and She argued,
She sobbed and He Scolded that She didn't trust Him!

She felt so much pain in Her heart
As She could not express what She had in her heart.
They could not talk to each other
As Love was blindfolded by their arguments.

But suddenly his phone blinked and it was a text from Her,
"I'm sor…

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